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Depression is a
side effect of dying
I'm Molly.
Game of thrones. Orphan Black. Doctor who. American Horror Story. Disney. Jennifer Lawrence. Darren Criss. David Tennant. Baking. Divergent. John Green. Talk to me :)


VASTRA: But where are you going? 

DOCTOR: To find her. To find Clara. Ha ha ha! 

JENNY: But Clara’s dead. What’s he talking about, finding her? 

VASTRA: I don’t know, but perhaps the universe makes bargains after all. 

I just love the way he’s so happy when he realizes that Clara is still out somewhere, and that he has not lost her*


life is short and weird and it’s important to tell people how you really feel about them


Source For more facts follow Ultrafacts



story time!!!

so in biology, this kid kept looking at his crotch and moving his hands back and forth, and we were all wondering what he was doing and the teacher saw and told him to show her what he was doing and hE WAS FUCKING CROCHETING UNDER HIS JACKET OMG. HE HAD A BALL OF YARN ABOUT THE SIZE OF HIS HEAD AND A SCARF ABOUT 3/4 OF HIS HEIGHT